Check Out Mega Man in Capcom Unity Retro Idol

A few weeks ago, we informed you of Capcom Unity's plans to proceed with a contest called "Capcom Retro Idol," wherein fans of Capcom's 8- and 16-bit software would get a chance to step up and defend their game of choice to the world. Or, at least the part of the world that plays video games.

The rules were laid out and the top 17 games were announced. And, perhaps to little surprise, but our great delight nonetheless, a whopping six Mega Man titles filled out that top 17.

Now, I know that some of you might say it should have been more, but keep in mind that this is only counting their 8-bit and 16-bit titles, and they have made quite a few excellent games within those parameters.

Ranking lowest on the Blue Bomber totem pole of retro idols is Mega Man X3 at #15. You can read what Dwayne had to say about the final Mega Man title of the 16-bit era here.

Next, a number of fans would step up to defend Mega Man X2 when it landed in slot #8, which you can read here.

What can you say about Mega Man 3, which holds the number 6? Find out what David has to say about it here.

And then in #5, there was the original, the game where it all began: Mega Man. Before there was X, before the franchise became worthy of Legends, there was this game. David steps up to the plate once more here.

The #3 spot goes to the darling of the oldschool, Mega Man 2. See what Niko had to say about it here.

And last, but certainly not least, the number-one spot is filled by Mega Man X, whose defender is Zonic. See what was said here.

Next week is when the polls open and voting begins to determine which game is the Retro Idol of Capcom. So scope out the above entries in preparation so you can cast your vote when the time comes.