Nintendo Power Poll Lets You Vote for Dr. Wily as Classic Gaming's Biggest Jerk

Like making your opinion heard? Like to take surveys for no particular reason? Then have we got news for you. It seems that Nintendo Power has returned to the business of polling people, as evidenced by this new survey on their website.

In truth, it's not heavily Mega Man-related, but Mega Man Zero is one of the titles you can say you are looking forward to most on the Nintendo DS platform, so you can show some support that way. In addition, Dr. Wily is also one of the responses that you can give for "which classic villain you think is the biggest jerk."

Truthfully, though? Following the events of Mega Man 10, I had to give the nod to Ridley. I won't say anything more than that, though, for the sake of spoilers. But despite that, I did list Mega Man Zero Collection as one of the DS games I was most looking forward to.

In any case, the site doesn't really reveal what the poll will be used for, or when/if they plan to publish the results in the magazine. Furthermore, those expecting something akin to the pre-Future era Player's Polls (and their extravagant prizes) might be a little disappointed, as this version takes no personal information, and is probably not going to net you anything except maybe some sort of personal satisfaction, and perhaps another excuse to wear your "I Voted" sticker from a few years ago.

News Credit: GoNintendo