Dance Pad Gamer Socks It to Mega Man 2

Actually, there are no socks involved, but plenty of foot-action nonetheless as one Nick Hagman, who has taken games such as the original Castlevania and Super Mario Bros. to task with a dance pad, has set his sights on Mega Man 2. The song says "can't beat Air Man," but Nick is not deterred, as the overgrown walking fan becomes his first target:

Next up, he takes his twinkle-toes to Flash Man's domain:
After that, Quick Man just makes sense, right? Except he opted not to use the Time Stopper to put a stop to the deadly beams spread throughout Captain Boomerang's lair:
And then? The Robot Master most people prefer to take on first (if only to nab his rather versatile weapon), Metal Man:
And following this? ...I don't really know. That's all he's done so far, but you can follow along as Nick continues to update on his YouTube Channel. Good luck, Nick, and dance! For everlasting peace! Source: Capcom Unity