Mega Man Zero Collection: Blood, Blood...

...gallons of the stuff. Surprisingly, that's what we see in the English trailer for Capcom's upcoming Mega Man Zero Collection. As one might recall, the original Rockman Zero releases on the Game Boy Advance featured quite a bit more blood (or whatever the unspecified red fluid is) than fans of the admittedly kid-aimed Blue Bomber franchise were used to.


To the dismay of some fans, it was subsequently removed (mostly) for the Western release, likely so that Capcom could obtain an "E for Everyone" rating. Of course, as one might notice, while the trailer's text has been translated to English, the actual gameplay footage is still Japanese (nor is it the first time this has happened, as seen with Bass's reveal in Mega Man 10). So that leaves one to wonder if, since they are showing Zero painting the town red in the English trailer, the ruby-hued runoff might be retained for this outing. With this in mind, we asked Joveth "JGonzo" Gonzalez of Capcom what we can expect the next time we cleave a Pantheon Hunter in twain with the razor-sharp emerald edge of the Z-Saber. He said "it's the original North American release," and that as such, no splatters on the walls. Sorry, folks. Perhaps someday there will be a way, but for now, perhaps you can pretend that slashes of the Z-Saber are cauterizing the wounds.