Treasure from the Past: Mega Man Anthology Booklet

TMMN member Jaxel has provided us with something pretty neat that perhaps a lot of you haven't seen. Back when Mega Man 8 came out, oh so long ago, it was Mega Man's 10th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, Capcom made a special edition version of Mega Man 8 that included a booklet called the Mega Man Anthology, that covered the general Mega Man series up 'til then. While meager, it's pretty rare for Mega Man games to come with pack-in goodies in the west, and it's quite a rare article now. Allegedly, due to manufacturer issues, it wasn't even included with every limited edition copy. For its time, it included some rare artwork, since the Rockman promotional images and weapon artwork weren't common in the west (this was still the early year of the internet and awesome websites like TMMN). And of course, it also has a lot of charming errors, like mixing up the promo art for Mega Man 5 and Mega Man 6, and having some truly odd statements in the game summaries. It's also perhaps the final time the fictional "empire" of Monsteropolis is mentioned in a Mega Man storyline.

How many of you still have this trinket? I still have mine, though it's not holding up terribly well. But thanks to Jaxel, if you never had it or you lost it, you can now check it out below!