Capcom Unity's Mega Man Zero Collection T-Shirt Design Contest

While it may be unlikely that you'll ever get your hands on one of these shirts, Capcom Unity is hosting a new contest for members to create a design for a limited-edition Mega Man Zero t-shirt that will be made available to other members. To enter, just create a design and submit it to JGonzo via personal message with the subject "MMZC T-Shirt Design Contest." You can send as many entries as you like before the deadline of 11:59PM PDT on May 9th, they just need to each be sent in their own PM. And make sure you save any high-resolution art, as they'll be asking for it from the winner.

And speaking of the winner, what do they get (besides having their design on a shirt)? The prize is a copy of not only Mega Man Zero Collection, but UDON's Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works as well.

For further rules and clarification, here is a quick FAQ:

thecleaningguy asks: Can we use official Capcom art for part of the design, or does it have to be our own art?

Either one! Official art or fan art is acceptable as long as the fan art is created by you.

mega rock.exe asks: If official art is allowed, where can high-enough quality art be found to use on a shirt? And are there specific specs for submission such as picture size or format?

I've added some high rez official art after the break! No official specs because we're going to try to match your design to the shirt as close as we can.

Damian asks: I was curious if we could sketch an image of a shirt and draw a design onto it, scan the image, and submit it via upload or copy? And is official Capcom art required?

You'd have to find some way to give us the raw, high res art digitally after the contest ends so that we can place the art on a t-shirt template. And no, official Capcom art is not required, just that it be Mega Man Zero related.

And of course, plenty more can be found within the archives of our own Mega Man Zero official art gallery. So have at it, and knock 'em dead!