Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack Samples

Following their update of the site a few days ago, Inti Creates has added some samples from the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack, which releases the 30th of this April. You can go to the site to have a listen, or for your convenience, just take a listen below. Compared to the Rockman 9 Arranged Soundtrack, these samples seem to inicate the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack going in more of a rock direction. [audio:|titles=Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack: Nitro Rider] Nitro Rider

[audio:|titles=Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack: Solar Inferno] Solar Inferno

[audio:|titles=Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack: Against The Pressure] Against The Pressure

[audio:|titles=Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack: Last Exit] Last Exit

What do you guys think of the samples?