Mega Man 4 Releases on North American Wii Virtual Console

After having heard musings of it coming months ago, and then seeing it release in Japan and Europe territories, Mega Man 4 is finally releasing here in North America, according to Capcom*Unity. It's not up just yet, but ought to be in another 10 minutes from this posting. It'll be 500 Wii Points. (And it's now up!) I personally feel Mega Man 4 is a bit of an underdog. I'll give you that it's when some of the boss designs started getting a bit goofy, but it's still a well constructed game, has some interesting features, and has some of the series' best music. It's definitely one of the games I revisit a lot. At any rate, story synopsis courtesy Capcom*Unity below. In the year 200X, one year after the events of the Gamma Project and Dr. Wily's overtaking of it (and Wily's supposed "demise"), Dr. Light receives a letter from a mysterious Russian scientist named Dr. Cossack claiming that he is the superior robot engineer in all the world. Cossack states further that he will unleash his army of robots upon the world as a "test" for Light to see which of them was the best. Light will not stand for this, so Mega Man is called forth from his search for Wily to go after Cossack's Robot Masters.