Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack Additional Details

As it nears its release in a couple of weeks, Inti Creates has made a preliminary page for the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack. Unfortunately there are no samples yet, and not many new details, but here are the album's features more specifically. -A total of 21 tracks, arranged by musicians throughout Mega Man's history (originally reported, they contain all the musicians from Mega Man 10, along with Masato Koda (Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry), Yoshino Aoki (Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Star Force), Saori Utsumu (Mega Man Xtreme), and Seiko Kobuchi (Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X)).

-Two drama tracks with Dr. Light (Shozo Izuka) and Dr. Wily (Takeshi Aono). Curious note, Takeshi Aono has done the voice of Dr. Wily in Japan as far back as Rockman ever featured speaking.

-Two vocal arranged tracks, Last Exit (written and performed by Tohru Itoga) and One And Only (written by Hitoshi Ariga, performed by DigitalSpicyDuck with Tohru Itoga).

-The album's front cover is by manga artist Koji Izuki, as well as an included 16 page manga called "ROCKMAN10 -extra F-," which sounds like it will feature Forte (Bass).

Hopefully we'll get some more details, and especially some samples, soon. But even if not, it's only two more weeks. Stayed tuned for more details.