Nominate Mega Man (and X) for the Crown in Capcom Retro Idol!

We all know that when it comes to the realm of Capcom, Mega Man is king. However, there are others who are under the impression that there are indeed greater things to come from the company of blue and gold, and while there are indeed other great games, these people may need a little help being put in their place.

And that's where we come in. And you. And you, you, and yes, even you in the back. The Capcom Unity has put out a call to its many members to vote for their favorite 8-bit or 16-bit Capcom title ("JUST ONE!!" they note).

But why are they doing this? Well, there is a certain air of mystery around that. "Because we're going to use this information to allow you folks to affect the future of Capcom games," says Unity foreman JGonzo. "I can't get any more specific, but rest assured that your votes will be noted and used as research!"

Intriguing. Of course, with the 8- and 16-bit limitation in place, this of course means that we won't be able to rally our cries around MegaMan Legends, but that day will surely come soon. For now, members of Unity can respond to this post with their nomination of choice, as well as a sentence stating why that pick is tops.

Next week, the 16 top games will be chosen from the comments, and one person for each game will be chosen to represent their respective title. From there, they get one paragraph to justify their nomination to the rest of the Unity, with a poll allowing the public to vote for their favorites.

Obviously, for something like this, you'll probably want your nomination to be a little more insightful than "BLU BOMMER RULZ LOL," so please bear that in mind.

From those 16, contestants will be whittled down to 10, then things will repeat to six, then four, and in the end, there can only be one.

And yes, there will be swag involved. Now go out there and make us proud!

Oh, and one last thing: I just checked with JGonzo, and yes, Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, and Dark Void Zero (should you be so inclined) do indeed count as "8-bit" titles.