New MM10 Theme for PS3, Closer Look at Trading Figures

4gamer has some cool news about some Rockman related items. First off, a new Rockman 10 PS3 theme is coming out. This one features Mega Man and the gang striving to jump higher and higher into the sky via boon blocks. It also features the Robot Masters in the section tabs. I imagine we'll be catching word of a North American release of this theme pretty soon.  The theme is selling in Japan for ¥200. A video demonstration is below.

Next up, 4gamer is showing off some high quality, individual pics of the "Super Model Spirit" Rockman trading figures, set to release in May. Also show is an E-Tank strap, which will randomly be included in the individually packed figures. No word on its inclusion in the box sets, though it likely will be. Check our gallery below for the highly detailed figures. [gallery]