Who are the Mega Man Killers?

"Who are the Mega Man Killers?" That is a question that no doubt some people are asking upon seeing the bosses for the three downloadable (semantics aside) Special Stages Capcom is releasing across all platforms for Mega Man 10. Odds are, as a fan, you might know who they are in passing; you've seen people talking about them on message boards, or perhaps you obtained their corresponding data discs in Mega Man & Bass. Or you might have even seen their entries on our very own wiki.

But fewer people have actually had the pleasure of getting to fight these Blue Bomber assassins, as until now, the original Game Boy had exclusively been their domain. What's more, they typically did not rear their head until the challenging later portions of their respective titles, making them lesser-known enemies among Mega Man fans.

If you are among those who know of the Mega Man Killers, but don't know them particularly well, then our friends over at Press the Buttons have created just the video for you. Mind, there are spoilers here, particularly for the fourth Mega Man Game Boy title:

With this, you should now have a better idea of what you will encounter at the end of each Mega Man 10 special stage, as well as your reward for conquering some of Mega Man's most dedicated foes, those determined enough to be labeled his Killer.