Reminder for the Mega Man/Rockman 10 Package Design Contest

Capcom*Unity has a reminder, as well as some resources, for Capcom's Mega Man/Rockman 10 package art contest, which involves creating your own box design for Mega Man 10, would it have came in a box. The instructions for entering, as well as the available prize packs, can be read here. Additionally, Capcom*Unity is also offering their own prize pack, which includes: + 1 E-tank pillow (currently they are only available in Japan)

+ The complete Japanese collections of Rock Man MegaMix and Rock Man GigaMix manga! The collections are in Japanese, but they'll make great collector's items!

+ 1 Mega Man 10 t-shirt

+ 1 Mega Man 10 poster

You can submit your entries via PM to jgonzo on Capcom*Unity by May 10th, and the winners will be announced on May 20th. So get crackin' and put out your best effort! It's unlikely you can beat my awesome design.