Kombo Checks Out Mega Man's "Graphics"

At the end of each week, video game website Kombo likes to "get all graphical and plot out the obvious in video games in a visual fashion," creating a series of spoof graphs and diagrams related to a particular title. This week, Matthew Green (who also runs the gaming blog Press the Buttons) has opted to take a look at everyone's favorite Blue Bomber, and has produced some amusing bits:

More can be found here, while Green notes on his page:

I'm very pleased with how these came out, but I like the Mega Man schematic most of all. While most of the mechanical parts are taken at face value, take note of the references to the Nintendo Entertainment System's CPU and a knock at the maligned Mega Man Soccer. The base image is taken from Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, while the font is CyFi which you may have seen recently during the opening title sequence fo the 1980s flashback episode of TV's Fringe. Layers upon layers, people.

Perhaps we should consider stealing paying homage to this idea by producing some visuals of our own (though we'd go beyond the Classic series, of course).