Mega Mosaic

Things are feeling rather artsy here at The Mega Man Network, as yesterday saw a cool pixel art image of the Blue Bomber posted on the grounds of the University of North Carolina Charlotte campus. Today, the creativity continues with a rather impressive mosaic made by Jarosh of the NeoGAF:

The work above is comprised of 1,500 screenshots taken from "every stage" of the 8-bit games in the Mega Man series. Jarosh notes "the idea was to have one screenshot for every pixel of the Mega Man sprite and then have the sprite surrounded by the remaining screenshots."

He adds that "I also made a little gallery with all the boxes and cartridges of all the games from every region (at the very bottom)." Plus, his two cats are hidden in there somewhere as well.

You can find several up-close detail shots here, but don't make plans to begin begging for one of your own (as others already have): it carries a rather rough price tag of around $500, and Jarosh adds "I just started this as a personal project and that's what I want it to be. I don't want to make more than this one piece. I want it to stay unique. I don't wanna sell it or make any sort of profit from it."

Source: NeoGAF, via GoNintendo, via GamePro