GameSpot Reveals Mega Man Deconstructed

As we all know, April 1st is not simply a day, but a day when things happen. Right? Well, at any rate, we brought you a story earlier in which Capcom of Japan and the 100-year old Japanese Maeda Corporation collaborated to look into what would go into the construction of several Mega Man 10 stages.

But over at GameSpot's "On the Spot" web show, they went in the opposite direction, looking at the de-construction of Mega Man:

Some excerpts from the show:

"We saw some early concept art that featured Mega Man as a serial killer who actually dismembers his victims and wears parts of their body as like clothing and uses that to somehow gain new powers and abilities"

"I mean think about what he's doing for a second there: he goes in, he kills them, he steals their powers, he absorbs's kind of already there in place, we already know he's a serial killer"

"That sounds pretty grim, but also kinda cool..."

"He's the Dexter of society..."

People have talked about a "mature" Mega Man for years, and it appears they'll finally have their chance to see what such a concept would be like.

Source: Capcom Unity