TMMN Becomes Major Player in Capcom Leak Syndicate

Yeah, so I know today is April Fools, and you all thought the Roll DLC thing was a joke. But the truth is it was a real tip off, and Capcom really did ask us to remove it. But it now seems they've had a change of heart, and rather than trying to squash leaks they will now coordinate them carefully. So I am proud to announce that The Mega Man Network and Protodude's Rockman Corner, in cooperation with Capcom*Unity, will be your center for the latest and hottest Mega Man news leaks! Check below for the press release.

San Mateo, CA – April 1, 2010

Capcom Unity is proud to announce a unique partnership with Mega Man fansites the Mega Man Network and Protodude’s Rockman Corner.

Capcom Unity has appointed the Mega Man Network as the main distributor of Mega Man leaks.

We were tired of trying to extinguish multiple fires going on at the same time,” says jgonzo of Capcom Unity, “the recent Mega Man 9 Roll DLC leak kind of tipped us over the edge, so we had to do something.

As part of the exclusive partnership, the Mega Man Network will be receiving weekly Famitsu issues directly from the printing factory in Japan, along with a handy usb thumbdrive full of complete digital scans for uploading.

Additionally, the newly developed Capcom Unity Ministry of Localized Enforcement Synergy will provide TMMN with ambassadors from within Capcom that will distribute information to TMMN’s bloggers. Rest assured, these ambassadors have undergone strict training that will allow them to share the best leaks that will provide for maximum blog coverage.

Some of our leaks weren’t getting enough attention, so we designed this program specifically to address that,” says jgonzo, “Like when the Mega Man 9 secret was leaked—nobody was blogging about it. We’re going to rectify that immediately.

Finally, Capcom Unity has appointed Protodude’s Rockman Corner as THE place to go to for all Mega Man Legends 3 rumors, because “that in its own deserves an entire website”.

"We hope to grow this program in the future to include the managing of ALL of our franchises' leaks, but we'll see how this pilot program goes," says jgonzo.