Games Radar MM10 Contest Video Highlights Every 8-bit Boss Level

Earlier, we mentioned that Mega Man 10 could now be purchased on the 10bo10 360 (still nothing? Okay then), but there may be some of you who are unable to purchase it for whatever reason. If this sounds like you, then Games Radar may have you covered. Following is a video they've whipped up of every 8-bit Mega Man boss level. Name them all, and you can win a download code (assuming someone hasn't already). And really, who among you reading this seriously can't name them all, right?

GR notes "We omitted 7 and 8 because they’re weirdo games that don’t fit the style (and they wouldn’t synch up as well, derp), and we also left out the Wily levels, as they’re never really part of the true Mega Man experience. Which is figuring out which bosses to beat in which order, by the way." I'm sure many will argue the latter points, but nonetheless, there it is.

Good luck to anyone who tries for it. And if it's too late, well, at least it's a fun video to watch, right?