Capcom Unity's Big Bad Bass Q&A for Mega Man 10

Earlier this month, it was revealed to no one's great surprise that the teased mysterious third character for Mega Man 10 would be none other than the Blue Bomber's fiercest rival, Bass. And during the American side of the reveal, Capcom also decided to solicit questions about the black bot assailing millions of dollars' worth of robots. With the time nigh for Bass to appear, Capcom has finally posted the answers to those burning questions on the mind of its community members. And yes, there is definitely some good news, as well as a little bad.

The bad news? Bass has lost his double-jump, though he is said to be otherwise identical to his Mega Man & Bass incarnation in terms of ability, including his inability to shoot through walls. Fortunately, he doesn't take more damage, as Mega Man's brother Proto Man is notorious for.

On the plus side, differing from Proto Man's appearance in Mega Man 10 is that Bass will be a regular selectable character, bringing all that entails with him-- including his own piece of the epic storyline which helps comprise the saga that is Mega Man 10.

More questions and further explanations of the above can be found at Capcom Unity.