Discuss Mega Man 10 for a Chance at PSN Download Codes (Last code is go!)

Thought we were done giving away copies of Mega Man 10? To be honest, I did too! But behold, the fun goes on! With huge props to jgonzo and the crew at Capcom*Unity, I have four PSN download codes for Mega Man 10 I'm ready to throw out to you. PSN codes, as in, only for PlayStation 3! So how do I intend to give out said codes? Well, let's talk about Mega Man 10 a little bit. I want you to discuss a particular topic in our comments. I'll be monitoring the replies, and when I see enough interesting feedback, I'll drop one of the codes in this post. This will continue until all four codes are given out. So keep the discussion alive and keep your eyes peeled, because once a code is released it's first come, first serve!

Now the important part, the topic. I've settled on this. A fair number of people were upset that Mega Man 10 would not feature any female Robot Masters. If you could turn one of the Robot Masters in 10 into a female, who would it be and why? Put some good thought into your reply, but try to keep it clean, too. We don't need to know about any weird fantasies. Even if you have Mega Man 10 already, give us your input!

One more thing to note. This website is not your only chance to win some codes. You can also head over to Protodude's Rockman Corner, as Protodude should be giving away some codes of his own a little later!

Again, many thanks to Capcom*Unity, who has given so much awesomeness to us. Be sure to check out their Mega Man 10 Fan Art Collaboration contest, it's really cool!

Update #1: Well we got past 10 comments so far, and PStart grossed me out, so here's one code, just to show I'm not bluffing -- ATDD-B4BJ-BLA5. First to use it gets it! And I know you guys can do better! Seriously, no Sheep Woman yet? Let's see those ideas!

Update #2: Gotta admit, I'm a little disappointed that the discussion has turned more to jokes, but alas. Here is the second code -- ECNE-ABBJ-MJ97. I think I'm going to change things up a tad too. While I'd like you to continue your discussion by all means, how about we get some people trying to draw them too? Don't worry about your skills, scribble out whatever you can! make it as sexy or as awful as you want.

Update #3: Here is the third code -- TQ3R-2FBK-JJEJ. Still looking out for Robot Mistress art. Don't let me down people!

Update #4: Alright folks. I was still hoping for a bit more but I also realize it's getting late. So here... FINALLY... the last code... which is... this -- TPHH-PFBN-QB96. Go! Go! Go!

Thanks for playing along, everyone! And I can't give enough thanks to Capcom*Unity for providing the codes!