Solar Man's Art Contest Judging Yields a Most Curious Clue

If you've been following the Mega Man 10 art contests at the Capcom Unity, then you know that they have nearly reached the end of the road with the judging for Solar Man, which runs through the weekend, if I'm not mistaken. But just because they've run out of Robot Masters for fans to render doesn't mean the fun and games are over yet; next week is their mysterious "??? Event," for which JGonzo says there is "no clue for you" before relenting and offering "a tiny hint."

Prior to the announcement of Bass as the "downloadable" (yeah, yeah, I know) third character, fans had considered this heroic hulk as another possible contender for playability, particularly in light of the game's Japanese subtitle, "Threat from Outer Space!!" That just leaves us with the question of whether this is simply a fun opportunity for fans to cut loose, or if perhaps there is more to come in Mega Man 10 than we were led to believe.