Pictures Aplenty from Mega Man 10's Launch Party at the Nintendo World Store

Last week, we reported that Capcom and Nintendo would be celebrating the March 1st WiiWare release of Mega Man 10 after-the-fact at the Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Plaza in New York. Of course, save for the most devoted (with plenty of spare cash and the ability to make long road-trips on short notice), there were about 49 states and such that were left out of the festivities.

However, there were some Mega Fans who managed to make the pilgrimage, and lucky for us, they took pictures of themselves adorned in Mega Man 10 t-shirts, holding up Sheep Man plushies, and of course, playing the game. For a greater look at how things went down, visit this post at Capcom Unity.

Those who had their pictures posted even received a Mega Man prize from Capcom, their choice of an extra Mega Man 10 poster, Mega Man trading cards (unopened packets; I wonder if they're the Artbox cards from some years back), "weird" Mega Man candy, MegaMan Starforce 3 Red Joker, MegaMan Starforce 3 Black Ace, or a bunch of Capcom Unity points, which are used for their exclusive auctions. Not bad, for doing something they no doubt wanted to do anyway, and it shows the importance of keeping a camera handy for occasions such as this.