Mob Robos Revealed: Get Your Magnifying Glasses Ready

You may remember, some months ago, Hitoshi Ariga held a "Mob Robo" contest for his upcoming comic Rockman Gigamix Vol. 2. Basically, Ariga accepted entries for throwaway characters created by fans, who would appear briefly in the comic and then get destroyed. Truth be told I kind of forgot about the contest, even after Gigamix 2 released in Japan a couple weeks ago. I was only reminded when my close friend AWD! giddily harassed me with the knowledge that one of his characters, Volt Man, got featured in the comic (pictured above).

Seeing the pages for myself, it appears Ariga did what he could to cram as many entries as possible into the pages. There are quite a few, and I've already found characters created by a couple other friends of mine. So if you entered a design, there may be good odds yours made it too. And that's what I'm here to let you check. Below are the pages that contain all the Mob Robo ideas Ariga accepted. Be warned that they open up to HUGE images. Then you just need to get to browsing, and hopefully you'll see your character!

Additionally, some original entries were also printed inside the book's back cover, so I'll share that as well.

Now the next thing you need to do is beg Capcom and UDON to get Rockman Gigamix published here in North America!

Many thanks to AWD!