The Lost Commercial for Mega Man 10

If there is one thing that the original Mega Man games for the Nintendo Entertainment System did not get a lot of around these parts (i.e. North America), it is some televised commercial love. Sure, there was that secret agent ad for Mega Man 3, and Mega Man 6 was squeezed in alongside the top-loading NES console and Zoda's Revenge: Startropics II, but beyond that? Most of the love went to Japan. But apparently, Capcom and GameTrailers have seen fit to rectify the problem, and retroactively at that-- with a definite emphasis on "retro." Check out the following "lost" TV commercial for Mega Man 10:

Bonus points for the "end" of some television show, just like on so many VHS tapes of the day. "Mega Awesome," indeed.

JGonzo of Capcom adds "Yeah try to get that song out of your head now" and "You're welcome."

Source: Capcom Unity