Rockman 3 announced for PSN Game Archives & Rockman 10 promotional contest

Much in the same way Capcom of Japan announced Rockman for PSN Game Archives, known as PSOne Classics in the West, the release of Rockman 3 Complete Works has been announced as a tie-in with the release of Rockman 10. 50 people who buy Rockman 10 between March 9th (the game's launch day in Japan) and March 23rd will win an exclusive voucher to download Rockman 3 from PSN. Much in the same vein as the Rockman 9 contest's Rockman 1 prize, the drawing will take place far before the game's actual release in the Game Archives. If history holds true, this also means the winners will be able to access and download the game prior to release.

Unlike last time, Capcom have announced Rockman 3's public release window of late April.

Source: Andriasang