Mega Man X: Welcome to the Year 20XX

While the Blue Bomber talk of the week is all about the newly-released Mega Man 10, Jeremy "Toastyfrog" Parish has posted an article from the recent edition of GameSpite Quarterly has decided to take the opportunity to reminisce about the other game that people knew as "10" (though such people were/are collectively known as "slack-jawed junksluts"), Mega Man X. In all, it's a nice look back at how the move to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) managed to breathe some new life into the series. It also points out, as others have, that the year 2010 is written in film copyright indicia style as "MMX," thus making this year the official year of Mega Man X. Sort of.

So long as Capcom managed to give us Mega Man 10 in 2010, wouldn't it be nice if they gave us a new Mega Man X in MMX? Fingers are crossed here.