Mega Man 10 is Here. ENJOY! (Update: Live Stream Over)

Mega Man 10 is now officially out on WiiWare in North America. Not sure what else to say about that... it's Mega Man 10! In about an hour, we will be trying to broadcast a live stream of my awful gameplay. Come join us and make fun of me! That is if you're not already playing yourself. I hope you all enjoyed the live stream. We got to see the whole game from start to finish, albeit barely with my mediocre playing. Then my good friend Cheston took on easy mode with Proto Man, and showed that even a Mega Man noob can get to Wily's castle!

Hopefully the stream didn't cut out too much. I want to reiterate just how horrible Live Stream is, and to never use it if you ever need to do any live video streaming. We will look into other venues if we do this in the future. Live Stream sucks! But Mega Man 10 is great!