The Mega Man Network's Mega Man Mega Toy Mega Post

There has been a lot of toy news on the Mega Man front recently, and we're just going to lump everything into one big mega post here to help catch things up, okay? First, we remember that Capcom put out a call to we the fandom about the Mega Man Kubrick figures, and it looks as though fruit is borne of our desire:

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These were spotted by Protodude in an eBay auction which currently has a Buy It Now price of $52.20, with five available. As you can see from the packaging, it is in English, thus hopefully confirming a North American release.

As an aside, note the side of the box and the pixel-version of the Bearbrick Mega Man figure. Nift.

In other domestic news, Tomopop (via Protodude) caught up with Scott Levine of Jazwares to discuss their line of Sonic the Hedgehog toys, as well as other lines, including Mega Man:

Among the issues discussed therein are figures in a 3" and 3.75" scale, as well as the possibility of more Retro Roto figures, specifically the unproduced Wave 2, which included such faces as Heat Man and Wood Man.

And speaking of the Retro Rotos, it appears that Jazwares was showing off re-releases of the first line at Toy Fair in New York City, which had been hinted at previously. However, unlike the original releases, it appears that the Build-a-Bot pieces used to create the "Fully-Charged" Mega Man figure will no longer be included, thus making the figure (and for those who keep such things, the complete packages they came in) a rarer item for collectors.

Finally, on the unofficial front, it appears that Rockman924 (via Protodude again) is at work on new sculpts to be released at the next garage kit convention, Spring's Wonder Festival. And the identities of these sculpts?

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That's right! It's none other than Harpuia Tornado Man and Sniper Joe! Joe is 12cm tall, and will be decorated as per his Mega Man 7 appearance when completed. He'll come not only with his trademark shield, but also an interchangeable eye, allowing you to decorate him with a red or green optic.

Sadly, Tornado Man has no such accessories, but looks cool anyway.

We do apologize for the lag in news here; it's been a rather rough month, but hopefully we can get things rolling again in March.