Mega Man 10 at the Nintendo Media Summit, Squashing Delay Rumors (Updated)

Mega Man 10 has been demoed at the Nintendo Media Summit. While I'm not sure if any media will come out from the demonstration, if it does you can be sure to catch it here. In the meantime I'd like to allay some worries. IGN's liveblog of the event pegged the game as releasing for the Wii on March 21st, much further out than Capcom's report on the 1st. However, this is in all likelihood a typo. After all, the 21st of March is a Sunday. Furthermore, Wired's liveblog mentions the game as coming out on the 1st. So chances are good there are no delays here!

Update: Here are some impressions from GoNintendo's own RawMeatCowboy. Unfortunately it seems there's a press embargo on discussion of anything about the game other than Strike Man's stage, which we've seen plenty of by now. With Mega Man 10 coming so soon, I guess Capcom doesn't want to reveal anything more!

I finally got a chance to play Mega Man 10 today. You guys know that I'm a die-hard Mega Man fan, and I absolutely loved Mega Man 9. So how was my time with Mega Man 10? I'd love to tell you, but I'm only allowed to talk about Strike Man's level. I know, the same level that you already know everything about.

So anyway, let's talk about Strike Man's level. Believe it or not, it's ridiculously punishing. I certainly feel that what I've played of Strike Man's stage was harder than some of the stuff found in Mega Man 9. You guys already know about the robot goalies and spiked soccer balls of death, as well as the pitching robots from hell. They're all out to make sure you have the worst day ever, and they certainly do their job well.

Gameplay has remained the same from Mega Man 9. You run and jump, you shoot and die. The same goes for Proto Man, except he can charge up his shot and also deflect shots with his shield. Will that help you make it through the game? I honestly don't know...I think that Proto Man is for cheaters!

I wish I could tell you about the other levels I played. So much fun stuff that brought my death over and over again. Perhaps Capcom will loosen up over the next week. Until then, expect more of the same from Mega Man 10, and the same is certainly great.

News Credit: Kombo, GoNintendo