Want Mega Man 10? How do you feel about winning it?

Mega Man 10 will be gracing us in a mere two weeks. Hopefully, if you're reading this post, you want it. Because we're going to give you the opportunity to win it. And not just one of you but TEN of you! That's right, ten of you lucky readers will be winning Mega Man 10 on the console of your choice in our biggest contest ever! Why are we doing this? You see, we here at The Mega Man Network, well, we're evil. We're evil and we want to buy your love as if it were any mundane commodity. We have long ago learned that love is not some special emotion, but a mere element to be extracted and paid for. We use this love, which is worth far more than what we're giving you, to power our global factories that create robots which club seals and drive slowly on the freeway. But none of this matters to you in the slightest, because YOU COULD WIN MEGA MAN 10!!!

So how do you go about winning? Well, all you need to do is get a perfect score on our brand new Mega Man super quiz. It's that easy!... Or is it? (It is.) Just go here to check out the guidelines and instructions, and then take the quiz! This contest will be open for the next ten days, until midnight PST on Wednesday, February 24th. While I know "real" Mega Man fans should be able to clear this quiz in under a minute, feel free to use whatever resources to find the answers.

Good luck to you all!