Capcom*Unity Reveals Next MM10 Promo Art, Mysterious Evil Man Appears (Update)

If you head on over to Capcom*Unity, you can work to get the next piece of Mega Man 10 artwork revealed. So far no pieces are up yet, but the fans are hard at it. Get your comments, Facebooks and Tweets ready! What will be revealed? We'll kep you updated as the image progresses. Wow, what a dark and foreboding figure we have here. Could this be Gerald De Jesus' interpretation of Bass? Or something entirely different? Also, here is the full mural. Click to enlarge!

Man, what is going on with this picture? What's the huge robot Mega Man is standing on now? I don't know, but I love it!

UPDATE: I just happened to notice. There's a little... bird-like creature on the mystery man. This could be a reference to Reggae, Wily's seldom seen pet. So perhaps this is Wily after all? If so, what happened to him!?