The Angry Video Game Nerd Reads Mega Man 2

Indeed, you did not misread that headline; James Rolfe, aka the Angry Video Game Nerd, known for his vulgar and sometimes grotesque (albeit humorously so) reviews of some of the worst games the hobby has to offer, is not performing his regular run-of-the-mill duties for the Capcom franchise's best-selling hit. Rather, he is reading the Scholastic "Worlds of Power" novelization of Mega Man 2, without his usual brand of commentary, as the game's music plays softly in the background. So unless I've missed something, this is safe for work, and only recommended for someone who has not read the original publication. The only other point of interest is at the start of the first video, where Rolfe briefly covers the concept of games in print:

Here is an admission: way back when the book was published in 1990, there was virtually nothing else in the way of media for Mega Man. Well, except Captain N: The Game Master, which I'm sure many will agree doesn't quite cut it. I got this book and, in lieu of anything else, was a big fan as I was amazed at the stuff not seen in the games.

"Oh, so Mega Man is a robot that was turned into a human?" Yeah, I was pretty accepting. I even remember being upset with magazines of the day which continued to refer to him as a robot. Moreover, I was upset there was never a novelization for Mega Man 3, or the original Mega Man, for that matter.

Of course, things have changed quite a bit in the intervening years, with the Ruby-Spears cartoon and other things waking me up to the Blue Bomber still being a blue bot. I would also come across far better fiction from fans, and after that, find out there was a lot of stuff that Capcom had been holding out on us in Japan.

At least today, it's easier for someone to get into the franchise and find out new facts about everything. And of course, we will continue our work (with your help) to make sure those facts are readily available to anyone who needs them.

News Credit: Cinemassacre, Mega Man Maniacs, RyanThunder in the Community, Pureauthor of the Penny Arcade forums, and probably some other places.