Madness? THIS. IS. MEGA MAN. 2!

If you spend any good amount of time on the internet, then there is a good chance you've come across the "Sparta!" meme which sprang from a movie which shall remain nameless, suffice to say that it came out more than three-hundred days ago. The meme has since died down somewhat, but that wasn't enough to stop Newgrounds user "ShadowWhoWalks" from taking the joke and using it as the foundation of a parody of Mega Man 2. However, in Sparta Man 2, things work a little differently...

This is a megaman clone, but here's the twist! YOU ARE SPARTAMAN, ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR EXTREMELY MANLY ADVENTURE?

Use direction keys to move, space to fire, plays like a real megaman game.

Also, this game is designed for real men. It is hard, it is CONTRA HARD, if you lack the manliness to complete the game, I suggest you find something else to play with.

In actuality, the challenge might be over-hyped, if only a little. Click here to go to Newgrounds (warning: portions of the website contain some NSFW material) and test your might with the awesome power of Sparta Man.

News Credit: Capcom Unity