Capcom's Call for Kubrick Customers, Plus Zero Collection Tease

Remember these guys?

We brought you word of the Kubrick and BearBrick figures of Mega Man and robo-bro Proto Man back in October, but there was one small catch to getting these figures. Like so many other pieces of Blue Bomber merchandise, it was only available in Japan-- and not cheap, either, at around $30.90 per set.

Fortunately, it seems that Capcom USA has heard the pleas of the masses, and put out a call to action: "If you'd like to see these figures come stateside, hit the comments!" said JGonzo on Capcom Unity. "Let your voice be heard on the matter!" Following that, he dropped the following tidbit:

"We've already seen that you folks really want that Mega Man Zero collection and believe me, we're listening."