Mega Man 10 Rated by ESRB, Get Ready for Mild Cartoon Violence!

Today ESRB's rating for Mega Man 10 has been published. Naturally the game has been rated E for everyone. Not much other information is revealed about the title, but it's nice to know MM10 won't have any extreme violence or nudity.

Megaman 10

Platform: PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360

Rating: Everyone

Content descriptors: Mild Cartoon Violence

Rating summary:

This is a side-scrolling action platformer in which players control one of two small androids that run, jump, shoot, and fly through 2D environments. Players can fire projectiles (e.g., electric clouds, fire, ice, rockets) from their arm cannon to defeat enemies that disappear from the screen in a quick burst. When players are hit, they flash and their health bar diminishes. Players can engage in more protracted boss battles at the end of stages.

However I don't think ESRB hasn't played through the whole game, or they would've noted Dr. Wily's Murder Machine. Whoops, I wasn't supposed to mention that!

Thanks to LanceHeart for the tip off.