Mega Man: Rush Marine Comes to Blackberry, Brings With It Horrible Artwork

So, the good news is that via Protodude, PocketBerry reports that the cellphone shooter Mega Man: Rush Marine (which you can see in action here) has come to the Blackberry. And, they seem to like it. The game runs one $6.99, and can be purchased from Bplay, which also tells you which Blackberry devices the game is compatible with.

The bad news is, it seems that Capcom couldn't get a regular artist from the series-- or any series, for that matter-- to do any artwork for the game. And as a result, we must now bear witness to this photoshopped monstrosity that is technically "official" art:

Okay, Capcom, let's be truthful here. We like Mega Man, you like Mega Man, we all like Mega Man here. And I think we can all agree that he, and Rush, deserve much better than this.

So if you're ever in a jam and need art depicting the not-so Blue Bomber riding beneath the waves in a converted robot dog, give me a call. I am sure that I can hook you up with someone who can provide a quality piece of artwork for you. And if, for some reason, Tabby and everyone else are unable to do it, I'll do something myself.

Because we care.