Ippo Yamada Working on Zero Music... To What End?

Ippo Yamada, the primary musician for many Inti Creates titles, including the Zero series, ZX series and Mega Man 9, appears to be working on arrangements of music from the Zero series - but for what purpose we can't really say. On Ippo's Spiceman  blog, a collaboration between himself and manga artists Hitoshi Ariga and Yoshihiro Iwamoto, Ippo opens a blog post from this Monday with the following statement: "Tonight I'm planning on an all-nighter working on Zero melody arrangements." This is the only mention he makes of it, and regrettably the remainder of the post concerns the passing of Japanese voice actor Daisuke Gouri, whom Ippo held in high regard. But the question remains, just why is Ippo working on Zero music, especially all night long? Perhaps for the Mega Man Zero Collection? Perhaps a new album in the works? Perhaps just for his own enjoyment? Hopefully the answer will come our way soon.

News Credit: Spiceman @ Blog