A Look Back at the Classic Openings of Mega Man

The classic 8-bit opening sequences of the Mega Man games for the Nintendo Entertainment System are some of the most memorable in video games, especially among fans. Who doesn't get a little excited when they recognize the music which plays as the camera pans up what appears to be the largest tower in the city, atop which stands the Blue Bomber, ready to spring into action as his high speed theme song kicks in?

1up's Retro Blog takes a recalls these opening sequences in 8-Bit Cinema: A Look Back at Mega Man's Motivations, from the rather blunt title screen which appears when you turn on the first game to the eye-rolling revelation that Mr. X was the true mastermind behind Wily in Mega Man 6.

By the time Mega Man 4 rolled around, the NES was capable of some pretty heroic graphics. A little movie explaining the origin of Mega Man preceded the title screen, and it was epic for my ten-year-old mind to behold. Suddenly, the little blue robot had humanity, purpose, and a history.

Of course, he had all that in Japan from day one, while America just got box art starring the Chupacabra. Nevertheless, I still love the train-riding bit, complete with tunnel lights whizzing by. Tickets? Mega Man's on a mission to save the world. Shove your tickets.

To this, Capcom responds "Chupacabra indeed. Of course, we can't all be perfect and there are some bad apples in the bunch (Mega Man 3, where you at?)."

That said, which Mega Man openings are your favorites? I'm partial to Mega Man 2's, though Mega Man 4's origin story was delightful.

Personally, I'd love to know what might have been for Mega Man 3, had they opted to create one for it.