UPDATE: Rockman Zero Collection Gets a Trailer (now in English)

Looks like it didn't take long at all for a trailer of the Rockman Zero Collection to drop. While the first half is a pretty straightforward gameplay montage of the series, the second half shows off a bit of the bottom screen. It's hard to say much about it from what the trailer shows, but it looks like boss artwork is displayed on the bottom screen. There's also some sort of menu that looks like it contains thumbnails of the artwork. It's entirely possible that the bottom screen could be a dedicated art gallery, but hopefully this is only one of several functions. The number one thing I took away from this trailer is that the music seems to be retained from the original instead of using the remasters. I doubt they'd show this trailer with the original GBA music if the music in-game was going to be the redone versions. Honestly, this isn't too surprising considering the ridiculous amount of space it would take to contain 4 games worth of music in actual compressed audio instead of MIDI. Ah well.

Lastly, the mystery of the "extra logo" has been solved. It seems the rectangular slot on the official site that was previously empty has been filled in with a link to this very trailer which is embedded right below.

Update: Well it looks like there are at least 2 different functions for the bottom screen. While boss art and pics of Zero still look like they're purely aesthetic, there's another interesting thing shown. Protodude has pointed out on his blog that the other menu looks like Zero 3's e-modification card menu.

"The Rockman Zero modification cards were cards sold exclusively in Japan in 2004, and when used with Nintendo's e-Reader device, they would make minor modifications to Rockman Zero's 3 gameplay.  To accommodate for the lack of an e-Reader, Zero Collection looks to be implementing this system within the game itself.  'Course, this is just speculation, so don't take my word for it." -Protodude

Very interesting indeed. A feature predicted by our own LBD "Nytetrayn".

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner