Capcom Opens Beta Version of Unity Suggestion Box

Remember back in late November, when we told you about a new initiative hinted at by Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian that would allow Mega Man fans, and Capcom fans in general, to let their voices be heard for new games they would like to see (such as Mega Man Legends 3)? Well, Capcom has now officially revealed what that initiative is, and opened the Capcom*Unity Suggestion Box! And it works as follows:

People submit suggestions, and then everyone votes on which ones are the best. The voting process is simple: just click the "promote" and "demote" buttons next to an idea. Promote stuff you like, demote stuff you don't like. The more people like a certain suggestion, the more the idea will rise to the top. You can only vote once on each idea, but feel free to vote for your own.

Other questions in their mini-FAQ note that not only are they listening, but votes matter in helping to separate the cream from the crop. Furthermore, "your top overall suggestions will be reviewed at our internal meetings. That means every 2 weeks, everybody that matters here is going to get an earful about what's important to you."

You can get the full scoop here, but a word of advice before you start drafting submissions: look around first. Mainfinger pointed out to me that "at least two different Legends 3 posts, meaning upvotes are split." That is not constructive work, people! One would hope that such similar posts would be taken together, but as of this writing, we cannot safely assume as much.

"This is just a Beta, but if it has problems, suggest improvements by using the Suggestion Box. For everything else, the sky is the limit. Resident Evil Outbreak crew, I'm looking at you. Powerstone 3 people? Yes, this is your chance. Mega Man Legends lovers? Your time is at hand!"

Emphasis mine.

And of course, you have to be a Unity member to vote... but why wouldn't you be?

Oh, and if anyone was wondering, yes, I am going to add "Mega Man Dating: Kinky Navigators Edition," just as soon as I'm sure no one else has ripped off my idea.