IGN Goes Hands-On with Mega Man 10, and Capcom Finally Addresses Multiplayer

Sure, we have our own hands-on with Mega Man 10 available, but perhaps you would like to hear impressions from a more reputable source. But since we couldn't find one, here's a link to IGN's own hands-on of the game. The bulk of the hands-on goes over how the Easy Mode affects the game, which you may have seen during the Mega Man 22nd Anniversary webcast, to say nothing of our own Heat Man's videoed third attempt at besting the minions of his unseen athletic adversary. Things change, such as the disappearance of one of the mini-boss's hands and his balls, as well as enemy placement and firing patterns.

"Easy mode will surely offend the purists," IGN notes, "but for a player that just loves the general spirit of Mega Man and wants to see all of the themed robot masters, having a little crutch is a lifesaver." I think it's safe to assume there are people who do indeed love the spirit of Mega Man, but have been put off by some of its more precise demands; hopefully Easy Mode will make everyone happy.

Then again, there are those who were offended by the mere existence of the Super Guide in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, so the same existence of this will likely get some in a tizzy.

Finally, if you think back to just after the game was announced, there was a rumor about the game's contents posted weeks before the revealing news of the new Nintendo Power hit the net. What's more, the rumor was startlingly accurate.

But it seems that one part of that rumor was not so accurate, and that would be the presence of a multiplayer mode in Mega Man 10. Despite the Blue Bomber and Proto Man both being available from the outset, Capcom would take the opportunity to have IGN debunk the rumor of such a component in this latest title.

They wrap up by reiterating the March release date, and similar to Mega Man 9, a $10 (1,000 Wii Point) price tag is to be expected.