Quick note on "that info" (Updated, please read)

Yes, I am well aware that "that info" has been leaked. Info that I, like numerous other reviewers who went to see Capcom, was told not to reveal. Now I'm not going to try to stop anyone on the site from talking about it. It's simply... what's done is done, I guess, and I don't know what Capcom will do about it. But we will not be reporting on it any more explicitly than this until it's announced from Capcom. That's the stance I feel comfortable taking in this. Needless to say I'm sure you're all pretty excited about it, if you have heard. And for those who don't know what I'm talking about now, I'm sorry for sounding so dramatic. It's just one of those things.

UPDATE: I've gotten word back from Capcom that they'd like us to do our best to contain the names at this point. So I have to ask you all to please, please not comment on the names here, in the forum, in the wiki - anywhere on the site. No one's going to be punished over it or anything, we're just going to have to remove the comments as we find them, so please make it easy on us. If you want to know the names that badly, Google it or something. Thank you.