Comic Book Resources Interviews UDON's Matt Moylan for Mega Man Megamix

UDON Entertainment Editor Matt Moylan wanted us to let you know that he has a new interview with Comic Book Resources, in which he talks about the upcoming Mega Man Megamix manga, which will at long last see its first volume released in North America to an English-reading audience on the 27th of January, 2010. Subsequently, volumes two and three will be released in April and July, respectively. In the article, Moylan discusses (among other things) Ariga's work and the stories within, the process of bringing it over, and why it had not happened sooner. If that wasn't enough, CBR also has several exclusive preview pages available for your perusal.

On top of all that, he gives us a clue of what to expect from UDON on the manga front in the future: "if these first two Mega Man series do well, there are several other Mega Man manga titles we have our eye on. At the top of our list would be 'Mega Man Gigamix,' Hitoshi Ariga's long-awaited follow up to 'Megamix.' This series has just begun in Japan, and fans are already singing 'Gigamix's' praises."

Without further ado, go check it out. And, if you've gotten your hands on either the Mega Man Official Complete Works or the Mega Man X Official Complete Works, be sure to tell him what you think of them in this thread of our forum!

Oh, and you heard it here (well, in the interview) first: Heat Man is officially "just-plain-nuts."