UDON Wants to Know What You Think of the Official Complete Works Books

So now that the Mega Man Official Complete Works and Mega Man X Official Complete Works art books are now at long last finally available, what do you think? That's what UDON wants to know!

Over in our very own Mega Man Community, our man with the Mega Plan, Matt Moylan, has asked "what do you think of the books in the end? Favourite parts? Anything we can improve on for future MM art books?"

To make your thoughts, opinions, and input heard, just head right on over to this thread and spill. Talk about how you loved the enhanced covers, or the agony you suffered in waiting for the book to finally arrive in your grasp. Or anything else that comes to mind; just keep it tasteful and respectful, that's all we ask.

And, for the sake of convenience, we're closing comments on this blog entry. But no worries; you don't have to be registered to respond to a topic on our forums, only to start a new thread. So head on over there, and tell UDON what's on your mind.