Enjoy the Holidays... A Hokey Dr. Wily Christmas Special

Well today is that spirited, festive day. Hopefully you are having a great time celebrating with family, getting presents, eating delicious food and playing some awesome games. But if you do have some free time in all that, and just happen to be stumbling over this site today, then here's a little something else to get you in the spirits. Dr. Wily style.

This is a little cartoon short Andrew Dickman and I made six years ago. I imagine Andy would be pretty embarrassed that I'm bringing it back up, but fortunately he's away visiting family right now. Wasn't sure I'd be able to find it, and I had to boot up an older computer to go grab it. Anyway, it's pretty silly. I wrote the script for it and arranged the Mega Man tunes used in it, while Andy animated it and did the voice acting (basically, all the hard stuff). I know it seems pretty sloppy, but after we got the script and some other stuff together, Andy only had two days to animate it.

It may be pretty corny, but I hope you at least get a little laugh out of it (though I'll admit that Dr. Wily's present at the end isn't very funny). And of course, I hope everyone has a wonderful, happy holiday today. Merry Christmas!