Hot Topic Does the Unthinkable, Produces Mega Man Shirt with Non-Pixel Art

Once you're done graciously accepting Aunt Edna's yearly fruitcake and sorting out all of your newly-received socks and underwear, Mega Man fans may want to take whatever Christmas cash they've received this year and book it to Hot Topic on the 26th, as they have some new Capcom-themed apparel featuring the Blue Bomber (and Street Fighter, too).

Your eyes do not deceive you: there is finally a domestic option for Mega Man clothing which is not covered in pixel art or ironic box art. In other words, a real, legitimate Mega Man shirt featuring our hero and his faithful sidekick, Rush, using real, actual promotional art. Who knew such a thing was possible?

Of course, if you're down with the dot graphics, then you'll love the other new addition, as it features every single 8-bit Robot Master from the NES-era games, plus Mega Man and Dr. Wily. Granted, Roll would have brought a certain solidarity to the whole DLN/DWN numbers thing, but 47 out of 48 isn't a bad score.

And of course, if you're interested, there's the Ryu vs. Ken face-off from Street Fighter II.

What? We're a Mega Man site, I'm not killing myself over those karate kids.

Anyway, if you'd rather buy online, then just go here for Mega Man and Rush, here to have an 8-bit robot army stand atop your chest, and the ansatsuken twins here

Source: Capcom*Unity