Identifying Mega Man 10's new Robot Masters

With the new Mega Man 10 trailer we've now seen sprite silhouettes of the eight new Robot Masters. So then, it's time to get speculatin'! Of course, we already have positive IDs on two of the new Robot Masters thanks to Nintendo Power. These are Sheep Man and Commando Man.



But how about the rest of the guys? Here's where the fun begins.


This guy is the boss of the stadium stage, though if I didn't know any better I'd say he's Air Man. He seems built like a football player, though his stage is designed more around baseball and soccer. I really like the locker doors that flip open and shoot down at you. For now I'm going to say this is Sports Man, though given the embarrassing names Robot Masters sometimes have, maybe Ball Man.


Boss of the sewer stage. His head seems to have a bulge and them some kind of little tail, almost like a slug or something. However, the image here seems to imply a blue color scheme, so that moves me away from saying Slug Man or Snail Man. He could possibly be Poison Man or Toxic Man, though having a pipe-centric stage as well, perhaps Pipe Man or Plumbing Man.


Not really sure what to say about this guy. It's a little hard to say what his stage is, some kind of city district or maybe a truck depot. He also seems rather small and nondescript. It kind of looks like he's wearing a bandanna or a backwards cap, but that also could just be an antenna. Still I'm stumped. Splashman says he's probably Road Man. I'd guess something like that, or Drive Man or Truck Man.


Well your typical fire stage. Blaze Man, Flare Man, Lava Man and the like are all fair game. Though I'll admit, with the conveyor belts and stuff in this stage I get kind of an industrial vibe on top of the typical hot stage with lava pools. So it'd be interesting to see something like Steel Man, perhaps. It's hard to tell what's going on with his head.


And the typical ice stage. The silhouette doesn't lend too much detail either. He looks a little like Jewel Man, maybe with a big ice shard for headgear instead. So, Snow Man? Chill Man? Tundra Man?


Wow, is that a big sword you've got or are you just happy to kill me? I want to say Blade Man or Knife Man with this guy. Splashman feels this castle stage seems Japanese themed so he's betting on Katana Man. Personally I think the stage seems more Russian or Arabic, but then I'm not terribly cultural either.

So, what do you guys think? Let's hear your speculations!