MM10 headed to all three consoles; Japanese subtitle (UPDATE)

31852_384400_122_657lo This scan from the latest Famitsu, courtesy of Wii @ Everyday, confirms that Mega Man 10 will be coming to the Wii, PS3 and 360. Unfortunately the scan's quality makes it hard to determine much more info, although it seems to be mostly everything covered in Nintendo Power. However, we now know Rockman 10's full title will be Rockman 10: The Menace from Outer Space!! (uchuu kara no kyoui). Another space-themed storyline? A curious twist. Additionally it's mentioned that Proto Man mode will be available straight from the beginning, although I imagine the NP report made that clear. It appears Proto Man even has his own storyline sequence, though with the quality of the scan this is hard to determine.

Update: TMMN viewer Fireman has provided a nice, clean version of the scan. From this we can tell the game is slated for a Spring 2010 release in Japan, though we can probably imagine it will be close to North America's March release. One of the new stages mentioned is a castle stage, which is likely this stage that we've seen. And finally we have some nice screens of the story scenes below, where we can see Roll coming down with Robotenza, Mega Man enlisting Dr. Wily's help (when will he ever learn?), and Proto Man joining the fray in Proto Man mode. Additionally, a screen of the sports stage's mid boss.


First screen: "Roll: Doctor, I feel like I've got a fever or something..." Second screen: "Dr. Wily. After we get back the vaccine producing machine, we can save Roll and everyone else!" Third screen: "Proto Man: The more for the fight the better, even if just one more."

Thanks, Fireman!