New Free Fan-Made Mega Man Remix Album (UPDATE)

Mega Man Remix Album by iLP0UPDATE: Because of the bandwidth issues ilp0 was having from so many people trying to download the album, we've hosted it in our music archive (with permission). It can be found in its entirety here. Well, here's a pleasant little surprise. While I was checking out the updates for OverClocked ReMix's 10th anniversary, I made an interesting discovery. One of the ten remixes posted in honor of the occasion was none other than a Cut Man remix by OCR veteran, ilp0, entitled "Cutman's Lullaby".

While a lone remix from a Mega Man game isn't exactly news, what was far more interesting is what I found next. As it turns out, "Cutman's Lullaby" is actually part of a bigger project: an arrange album of the entire soundtrack to the first Mega Man game.

The album is finished and available for free download right now. The arrangements, while not particularly high energy for the most part, are pretty unique. ilp0's work is very polished and some of the tracks even flow into each other. The style of it actually has a bit of an Alph Lyla (or one of its many other spellings) vibe to it.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the album's site and grab it!