Ice Cream Man + Mega Man = ???

When we first heard that Capcom would be giving away free E-Tanks before the Spike TV Video Game Awards in Los Angeles this past Saturday, there was sort of the mental image of some Capcom staff, perhaps wearing some attire from the Capcom Store, handing out the goods to those who redeemed their coupons. But instead, the reality turned out to be much more interesting as the Capcom*Unity came on the scene:

That's right: the E-nriching, E-nergizing, E-nlightening, E-ndorsed product hit the scene in a most E-lectrifying manner. But, it gets even better; know how most ice cream trucks of this sort will play some lyric-less, out-of-season version of Christmas carols or some-such from the public domain?

Not this ride:

Seriously, forget the Awards; they were a joke anyway. I wish I'd been there for this and the shirts.

To see more of the truck, people enjoying their gifts, and other fun photos, check out this post at Capcom*Unity.